Nissan started selling its strange sedan

10/27/2015 17:11:18
Nissan started selling its strange sedan
The first concept car Nissan Lannia was shown to the public last year.

China has started selling the new sedan Nissan Lannia, designed for customers whose age is less than 30 years. 
The first concept car Nissan Lannia was shown to the public last year. The original appearance of Nissan Lannia has been accepted in September at the Auto Show in Chengdu, Japan.
The length of the machine is 4683 mm, width - 1780 mm, height - 1465 mm, wheelbase - 2700 mm. 

In Chinese, the name of the machine is pronounced "Lanniao", and this word means in English "Bluebird". The design of the car was developed by the Chinese Nissan Centre Design and Nissan Global Centre Design. Unfortunatelly, the car will be sold only in China. Anyway, at the moment  the other markets' supply is not known yet.

The new Nissan Lannia is equipped with 1.6-liter gasoline engine producing 126 hp, and subsequently will receive a 1.2-liter turbo and the engine capacity of 1.8 liters. Transmission - six-speed manual gearbox or a variator. As the machine is designed for young drivers, it is not surprising that in the center of the dashboard was prescribed touchscreen multimedia system with a rich set of functions: navigation, telephone, music, apps Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth and so on.
Nissan Lannia is worth now for 16,670 dollars, and the car in the top equipment valued at 22,650 dollars.


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